29 December 2019: Jets at Bills

Although this game didn’t matter because the Bills lost to the Patriots the week prior – it COULD HAVE MATTERED since the Patriots lost to the Dolphins. The Bills could have won the AFC East! Oh well – on to Houston and playoffs, baby!

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21 December 2019: Bills at Patriots

Patriots game one. Ravens. Patriots game two. They’re all similar in that this team is good enough to win if all three phases play to their good (not even best) level and one of the phases plays exceptionally. The offense played well (yes – they did) against the #1 defense but not great, the special teams played well but not great, and the defense played well – but not their normal great. It wasn’t and isn’t enough.

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8 December 2019: Ravens at Bills

Ahh, so close.


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24 November 2019: Broncos at Bills

That was a three phase win. Actually I wouldn’t take anything more away from this game than the previous win against the Dolphins, except the Broncos fans and media have been so insistent that the Broncos were so much better than their record, and the Bills so much worse.


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17 November 2019: Bills at Dolphins

I know it’s the Dolphins, but it’s still the NFL and it was refreshing to see the Bills come out and assert their will on offense. I was fairly impressed with Archuleta and Dedes as announcers today, both in their knowledge of the Bills and their banter. Only portion I’d take umbrage at was in the beginning of the fourth quarter when they both questioned the Bills keeping their foot on the gas instead of trying to slow the game down and burn time. Specifically when they said Bills fans were probably asking the same question. Not the Bills fans I know. We’ve been clamoring for the team to stop playing cautiously and apply the killing blow for weeks. And the result? A TD drive.

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10 November 2019: Bills at Browns

They were what we thought they were, and we let them off the hook. In other news, the Dolphins beat Indy, the Jets beat the Giants, the Falcons destroyed the Saints in NOLA, and the Steelers beat up on the Rams. So it was one of those weeks.

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3 November 2019: Redskins at Bills

Hmm. The defense decided to show up the second half. I shouldn’t complain too much about a game that was really never in doubt, but how many times will they run JA on a designed QB run but get stuffed six or seven times running Gore on a 1 yard play? I’d also like to see just once Josh Allen under center and it’s not a running play. But hey…6-2!

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