Playoff Caliber – The Story of how the 2017 Buffalo Bills Broke the Drought

Playoff Caliber – the 2017 Buffalo Bills

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2017 Bills video working – again. For now.

If anyone had tried to view the 2017 season games over the past, oh, 6-8 weeks they probably noticed they weren’t working.

Well, they’re back up and functional.

If you’re interested in the issue, suffice to say the site I used to provide a continuously updated/live link to the Google Drive location for the video decided they had made enough money off of me and closed down. The fact I’d paid for 10,000 hits – or about 10 years worth of traffic – was moot to them. Caveat emptor as they say.





Good thing all the money from the ads makes me wealthy enough that it doesn’t matter…


Dolphins at Bills

17 December 2017: Dolphins at Bills

After the Dolphins thoroughly dismantled the Patriots on Monday Night Football, Bills fans had concerns that the “should win – MUST win” game suddenly looked much more difficult.
Plus Shady goes over 10K rushing, and Suh plays Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.
Staying alive, staying alive, ah, ah, ah, ah….

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Colts at Bills

10 December 2017: Colts at Bills

In a game to remember, the Bills had every opportunity to win, and then the Colts snatched defeat from the jaws of victory multiple times.
Ultimately a strange sequence of events was required to pull out the Bills victory in the Snow Bowl 2. Was it destiny, or just another extension of Bills’ fans misguided hope?

We shall see…

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Bills at Chiefs

26 November 2017: Bills at Chiefs

So maybe my son was correct last week…

I always enjoy the comments on the Two Bills Drive and forums after a win. Almost inevitably if you read the posts right after the game you’d swear we played like complete ass.

As the saying goes  – you’re never as good or as bad as you looked on Sunday.
Bills win! Bills win!

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Bills at Chargers

19 November 2017: Bills at Chargers

My son said he was glad I am back from my last deployment because he blamed the Bills two game losing streak – and their poor play during it – on my absence.
Obviously that was just another Bills superstitious fan hope that was proven faulty this week.
The Bills are bad without any outside influence.

Peterman. Yeah.
Unless you’re a Charger fan, I suggest you have your favorite adult beverage available in copious amounts if you decide to watch this.

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Raiders at Bills

29 October 2017: Raiders at Bills

Ex-Raiders showed out against their old team today. No Jordan Poyer, no EJ Gaines, no Marcel Dareus. But four takeaways for the defense and no turnovers for the offense make for a good ending.
First NFL team with a +12 or greater turnover ration after seven games in almost 15 years.

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Bucs at Bills

22 October 2017: Buccaneers at Bills

Zay makes some plays.
Deonte Thompson – signed this week, I thought maybe he can get on the field as a downfield blocker. Four receptions for 107 yards!?!? Nice.
The defense continues to regress, sort of. I wasn’t pleased with the tackling today, but that’s clearly because they’re sacrificing some tackles for an opportunity to strip the ball.
And our future Defensive Rookie of Year did his by now typical rookie mistake followed by All-Pro heroics.
At the end of the day – it was a win!

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Bills at Bengals

08 October 2017: Bills at Bengals

Ugh. The good news is this is the first time in nine years that the Bills are in first place in the AFC East for two consecutive weeks. Who would’ve thought that the Jets would be on a three game winning streak to be tied for first place with the Pats. And the Bills. (Well – not the Bills really since we have the head-to-head, but still.)

Have I mentioned that I hate Vontaze Burfict?

Thank goodness for the bye week. Hopefully the Bills #1 receiver will be back (and by #1 receiver I mean TE Charles Clay) when they next play against Tampa Bay. Oh – and the Indians lost to the Yankees too. Which for many Bills fans is a good thing, but I’m a Tribe fan, so it’s just one of those nights.

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