Raiders at Bills

29 October 2017: Raiders at Bills

Ex-Raiders showed out against their old team today. No Jordan Poyer, no EJ Gaines, no Marcel Dareus. But four takeaways for the defense and no turnovers for the offense make for a good ending.
First NFL team with a +12 or greater turnover ration after seven games in almost 15 years.

Video below:

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Bucs at Bills

22 October 2017: Buccaneers at Bills

Zay makes some plays.
Deonte Thompson – signed this week, I thought maybe he can get on the field as a downfield blocker. Four receptions for 107 yards!?!? Nice.
The defense continues to regress, sort of. I wasn’t pleased with the tackling today, but that’s clearly because they’re sacrificing some tackles for an opportunity to strip the ball.
And our future Defensive Rookie of Year did his by now typical rookie mistake followed by All-Pro heroics.
At the end of the day – it was a win!

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Bills at Bengals

08 October 2017: Bills at Bengals

Ugh. The good news is this is the first time in nine years that the Bills are in first place in the AFC East for two consecutive weeks. Who would’ve thought that the Jets would be on a three game winning streak to be tied for first place with the Pats. And the Bills. (Well – not the Bills really since we have the head-to-head, but still.)

Have I mentioned that I hate Vontaze Burfict?

Thank goodness for the bye week. Hopefully the Bills #1 receiver will be back (and by #1 receiver I mean TE Charles Clay) when they next play against Tampa Bay. Oh – and the Indians lost to the Yankees too. Which for many Bills fans is a good thing, but I’m a Tribe fan, so it’s just one of those nights.

Video below:


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Bills at Falcons

01 October 2017: Bills at Falcons

Watching the Bills take their show on the road as eight point dogs and come away winners is a rare sight. And I’ll enjoy it all week.
(Honestly watching the Pats lose and their fans blame Gilmore is a the icing and sweet filling to the cake. Schadenfreude.)

Zay Jones  take three. That dropped pass when he hit the ground…I thought that was it. I was very happy to see him pull in a similar pass later in the game and cradle it like his baby when he hit the ground again. His joining Jordan Matthews in the post-TD celebration was good to see as well.

Video below:




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Broncos at Bills

24 September 2017: Broncos at Bills

Okay – so the Bills defense is legit. And the offense this week was…acceptable? Is that the correct definition? Maybe “good enough” is good enough.

Zay Jones  take two. I really like the kid, but that bobble in the end zone could have been a catastrophe. When you’ve been saved by Andre Holmes hands, there is a valid concern.

Video below:



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Jets at Bills

10 September 2017: Jets at Bills

Video below:

Netgear ReadyNAS with MOCA and FIOS: DHCP and WAN access problem and solution

Problem: My ReadyNAS 6 would not pull an IP via DHCP when connected via MOCA. Even when a static IP was assigned, it had no Internet access. With a static IP and the router assigned as gateway it was accessible by all LAN participants, but no WAN – a problem for cloud backup.

Solution: Static IP, Bonded NIC using XOR (even though I don’t have it connected to a managed switch or one that should permit XOR connections) using Layer 2+3 connection.

Update 25 AUG 17: Layer 2 only appears to be faster at switching (no pun intended.) I used 2+3 originally because I expected the Layer 2 association would work for LAN/devices behind the router and IPs for the Internet past the home router would be seen via Layer 3. This worked…intermittently. Layer 2 alone works much more consistently so far.


  1. Other PCs (minus VMs – see #4 below) did pull IPs via DHCP when connected either directly to the MOCA bridge (I use the Actiontec ECB6200K02).
  2. There is a mix of MOCA 1.1 and MOCA 2 devices on the LAN, but neither exceeds the total amount of MOCA devices permitted by MOCA standards.
  3. If I connected the ReadyNAS to the wireless bridge connected via AC (5GHz) to the Fios provided wireless router, the ReadyNAS would get an IP via DHCP and could access Internet
  4. (Possibly relevant) my Hyper-V virtual machines also had difficulties pulling IPs or getting WAN/Internet access even with static IPs when going through a switch connected to the MOCA bridge. Again, any stand-alone PCs had no issues, including the machine hosting the VMs
  5. Tried assigning separate static IPs in IPV4 and IPV6 to the two NICs in the ReadyNAS
  6. Tried static routing one NIC to LAN IPs ( and the other to Internet/WAN (didn’t work)
  7. Tried connecting one NIC to the switch connected to MOCA bridge and the other to the wireless bridge in conjunction with #6 (also didn’t work)
  8. I needed to use the MOCA bridge because it gives me Gbit connectivity to separate building housing the ReadyNAS. The wireless bridge is decent, but at best ~300Mbps and often less.
I do highly recommend these Actiontec coax to Ethernet adapters.

As mentioned, they use MOCA 2.0 with bonded channels to get actual 1000Mb/Gbit speeds between the two buildings. Even over multiple coax splitters, and while using MOCA to get my WAN connection from Frontier (yuck) Fios.

If you already have a MOCA service (i.e. most fiber to the home providers), you probably only need one as your router is pushing information to your TV set boxes via MOCA, and the Actiontec can pair up with it.

If you don’t, you’ll need at least a pair. I only needed one, but they work so well I’m glad I purchased two. The latency and speed really is equivalent to running Ethernet and all the rooms in both buildings (main house and in-law apartment) were already wired with coax but not completely with Ethernet.



Xbox One controller(s) won’t reconnect wirelessly to Windows 10

Symptom: Xbox One controller connects initially to the wireless adapter, but after turning off or disconnecting they will not reconnect. Requires a reboot to allow controller(s) to reconnect.

Work around:
1. Close Steam until the controller is connected, then restart Steam (if desired.) This was my and the majority of the people with the issue’s solution – See Gabriel Barsali’s post on the 4th page of Xbox One Wireless controller keeps disconnecting.

2. If you have the newer (Xbox One S and later with Bluetooth) controllers, try removing the Bluetooth Xbox Controller adapter from the Bluetooth & other devices window in Settings/Devices. If you disable Bluetooth (or remove the Bluetooth dongle) before removing the Bluetooth Xbox Controller Adapter it will appear “grayed out” in the Bluetooth & other devices window; you can’t delete it without Bluetooth on. (Of course.) This was not my issue, but is a potential solution listed by others.

3. Some feel uninstalling GeForce Experience is required. I have GeForce Experience running and this did not cause a conflict for me. It was definitely a conflict with Steam and the new Steam capability to manage non-Steam controllers.