Bills at Chiefs

26 November 2017: Bills at Chiefs

So maybe my son was correct last week…

I always enjoy the comments on the Two Bills Drive and forums after a win. Almost inevitably if you read the posts right after the game you’d swear we played like complete ass.

As the saying goes – you’re never as good or as bad as you looked on Sunday.
Bills win! Bills win!

Video below:

Bills at Chargers

19 November 2017: Bills at Chargers

My son said he was glad I am back from my last deployment because he blamed the Bills two game losing streak – and their poor play during it – on my absence.
Obviously that was just another Bills superstitious fan hope that was proven faulty this week.
The Bills are bad without any outside influence.

Peterman. Yeah.
Unless you’re a Charger fan, I suggest you have your favorite adult beverage available in copious amounts if you decide to watch this.

Video below:

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