Broncos at Bills

24 September 2017: Broncos at Bills

Okay – so the Bills defense is legit. And the offense this week was…acceptable? Is that the correct definition? Maybe “good enough” is good enough.

Zay Jones  take two. I really like the kid, but that bobble in the end zone could have been a catastrophe. When you’ve been saved by Andre Holmes hands, there is a valid concern.

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Bills at Panthers

17 September 2017: Bills at Panthers

Question moving forward: Are both team’s defenses that good, or are both team’s offenses that inept?

Zay Jones – I don’t blame him for the last play. That was a tough catch and only looked possible because of the effort he made to reach back for it. I do blame him for a couple others (i.e. about 3:30 left in the 3rd quarter on a 3rd down play. That would have moved the Bills into field goal range with a first down.)

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Fantasy Football 2017 – The real stuff. I.E. What to call my team.

Well, starting off 0-1 is never great. Which means I have to change my name to break the curse.

Yes. One game is a curse. It’s a tough gayme for tough peeple. And there’s only 12 games in the season you know.

So good bye to 50 Fades to Clay (although this year that actually might come true, finally). We’re on to:

Three’s a Crowder.

Bills at Panthers (preview)

17 September 2017: Bills at Panthers (Preview)

The Bills have only played the Panthers six times, and so far it’s been almost all Buffalo. The Bills are 5-1 against the Panthers in previous games, including the first win of EJ Manuel’s illustrious  career. The Panthers only win was in 2005 when Jake Delhomme beat another Bills Wall of Fame quarterback by the name of J.P. Losman.

Game on CBS. preview video for Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers 

Madden highlights of sim game




Jets at Bills

10 September 2017: Jets at Bills

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