Bills at Panthers

17 September 2017: Bills at Panthers

Question moving forward: Are both team’s defenses that good, or are both team’s offenses that inept?

Zay Jones – I don’t blame him for the last play. That was a tough catch and only looked possible because of the effort he made to reach back for it. I do blame him for a couple others (i.e. about 3:30 left in the 3rd quarter on a 3rd down play. That would have moved the Bills into field goal range with a first down.)

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Jets at Bills

10 September 2017: Jets at Bills

Stat of the game?

Rushing yards by team:           38           190


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Bills at Bengals

20 November 2016: Bills at Bengals

The Bills somehow found their way to the ugly victory that counts all the same as the ones that were much more appealing to the eyes earlier in the season. Thanks to the win, the Bills have a 5-5 record and are still within earshot of the playoffs and essentially buried Cincinnati’s AFC Wild Card hopes in the process.