10 November 2019: Bills at Browns

They were what we thought they were, and we let them off the hook. In other news, the Dolphins beat Indy, the Jets beat the Giants, the Falcons destroyed the Saints in NOLA, and the Steelers beat up on the Rams. So it was one of those weeks.

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3 November 2019: Redskins at Bills

Hmm. The defense decided to show up the second half. I shouldn’t complain too much about a game that was really never in doubt, but how many times will they run JA on a designed QB run but get stuffed six or seven times running Gore on a 1 yard play? I’d also like to see just once Josh Allen under center and it’s not a running play. But hey…6-2!

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6 October 2019: Bills at Titans

If Josh didn’t want to believe he can win by playing smart, the first half vs. the one TD the Titans got should prove it. On track for a 300 yard day and another amazing defensive showing, but his INT on an unnecessary play made a difference. He’s clearly learning, and I hope to see that progress.

But a win is a win! And I’m starting the poll to call this the Music City Miracle Part II.

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29 September 2019: Patriots at Bills

The defense on both sides came to play. I’d say if Josh had gone game manager instead of trying to win the game, the Bills might have won. Really, if not for one bad punt block and return for TD it might have been a different game. My thoughts – the Bills outplayed the Patriots* and themselves.

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22 September 2019: Bengals at Bills

Phew. Yet another game that we dominate in stats yet somehow manage to keep close. I guess Josh just wants to keep his comeback streak alive. Three games this season he’s had to come from behind to win (the Giants game was kind of a fluke, but he still had to come back.)

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15 September 2019: Bills at Giants

How do you stop Saquon Barkley? Apparently by scoring so you force the Giants to pass. Not the offensive showing that the Cowboys mustered against the Giants, but the Bills weren’t at home either. Speaking of – this is the first time in Bills history they’ve started off 2-0 with both games away.

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8 September 2019: Bills at Jets

Four turnovers. In the first half. In an away game. Oddsmakers give the traveling team that has a 0-4 turnover ratio about a 0.05% chance of winning.


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RPCS3 (PS3 emulator) tips and tricks

This is not a how-to for downloading and installing RPCS3. That can be found many places on the net.

This is how to get the games to work using RPCS3. The tricks and extra stuff that somehow isn’t explained on the site, or elsewhere. At least, nowhere I could find.

1. How to get the game. I recommend using .PKG files, as they are easily “installed” into RPCS3 in that format. ISO format will work as well, but is a bit more complicated.
A. The good news is getting the .pkg files is quite easy. Download and extract PSN Stuff. This is version 3.07.09 but it can be updated from inside the program.
B. This is a screenshot of the program once it is up and running. The first thing you’ll have to do after running it is to click on the button for “Update Database”. This downloads the list of PS3 games along with their “Game ID” numerical designation (either NPXXXXXXX or BLXXXXXXX depending on whether it is a PSN or BluRay image, respectively.)
C. Find a game that can be played on RPCS3. You can check this list here for the list of “fully playable” game according to user input at RPCS3.net. Note that this list only means the game is compatible with RPCS3. Your computer still has to be powerful enough to actually run it at the proper speed.
D. Enter the Game ID of the game you’ve selected into the Search bar. Click on the “Download Package” button and wait for the game to finish downloading to the Downloads folder in your PSN Stuff directory. It will bring up a box that tells you when it has completed downloading, and ask whether you want to validate the download. I recommend you select “Yes”. It should only take a moment to validate as it is done via SHA comparison.
E. Click the “Save rap” button. THIS IS IMPORTANT. You will need the .rap file later to install the .pkg game file into RPCS3.