29 August 2019: Vikings at Bills (Preseason 4)

We won that game. Not sure that it matters, or even how it happened, but we won. First time in Buffalo Bills history they’ve gone 4-0 in the preseason

(Note that during the Superbowl run they typically went 0-4 in the preseason with the exception of one 1-3 preseason. So…whatever.)

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24 August 2019: Bills at Lions (Preseason 3)

Hero ball, saved by a questionable call, winner takes all, Lions and Bills players fall, Shady hasn’t hit the wall, I think that’s all.

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16 August 2019: Bills at Panthers (Preseason 2)

Wait – so we are good? Second week that the opposition didn’t play their starting QB, and the JA to Beasley connection was certainly helped by Kuechly not playing. But still…SUPER BOWL.

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30 December 2018: Dolphins at Bills – Kyle’s last game

Josh Allen shows out. Zay Jones takes it to the Dolphins. Tremaine Edmunds shows why he’s going to be a beast for years to come. Bills destroy the Dolphins. The only bad thing about today was Kyle’s last game But what a way to go out.
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30 September 2018: Bills at Packers

The defense is pretty good. Right?

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23 September 2018: Bills at Vikings

Bills return to dominance over NFC North teams. They are 5-0 since 2014 when playing against that division. Can it hold up next week against the Pack in Lame-beau field?

By the way – Josh Allen is Superman..

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16 September 2018: Chargers at Bills

Well. Charles Dickens wrote “A Tale of Two Cities” while Sean McDermott wrote “A Tale of Two Halves”. We’ll see if the huge improvement in the second half was only a mirage next week.

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